posting here bc i have no idea where else to vent about it but the "trans people are doing it to be trendy" argument is so fucking at stupid. yeah people call themselves trans while enduring disrespect from their loved ones, experiencing dysorphia (depending on the person) in which they could feel ten thousand different awful things including hating their voice and their body to debilitating measures, missing out on the cis puberty experience of the sex they wish they were and having to watch cis people get their deep/high voices etc while we don't get what we want, and being targeted by probably millions or more of insanely hateful people, all for the trend of being trans and "quirky". fuck that so much. cis people have never endured the pain and struggle of being trans and ultimately being viewed as outcasts or not their actual gender. if you think a person in your life who identifies as trans isn't trans, leave them alone. let them experiment and never tell them what they are and aren't because how could you know??

Gender Dysphoria

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  • emperor


    Bars as fuck dude.

  • LiamOLaubach


    bro exactly 😭 it’s already annoying that they don’t have to deal with trans issues and aren’t expected to understand them but have the fucking audacity to go and tell someone they aren’t rly trans :///

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