hey guys, I'm going through a bad breakup that's amplifying my depression and anxiety, I kepe blaming myself even though ik it's not me...I feel alone and keep wanting to text him since he's all I had.
Do u guys have any advice on what to do what I feel alone? How do I cope when I have no close friends or family to talk to? its getting hard.


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  • Lillieee


    I’m in the same situation, sending love

    • XDxRawrxDX


      Thank you <3 sending some to you as well. Its a tough journey

  • PanPanFan


    I understand this is tough. Also, try to seek others out who are willing to listen, it may help you some. Hope this helps just a little. 🙂

  • MiloSunshine


    Distraction, distraction, distraction. Try making friends, get out of the house, re-discover yourself.

  • neogeo


    Become friends with yourself! Try journaling or going thrifting alone (bring earbuds if that's intimidating). You're a lot more fun to be around than you think and the only person who needs to truly understand that is you

  • SunInAugust


    Loss is really difficult. I'm very sorry

  • Sunshine_Sue


    My faith and prayer life help me a lot. I’m doing great right now. I believe it’s because of Gods hand on my life. Prayers

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