I've been going through a break up this isn't the first one for me an this person but this break up feels different manly because this time around we have to stay living together an it's hard we literally broke up last week an he is already on dating app an what not I'm struggling to make it through without showing him how I really feel an my anxiety is through the roof what do u guys suggest I do to help regulate myself any advice would be nice

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  • Alyx2000


    I don’t know if this is any help. I tent to write everything I’m feeling in a journal. And I mean everything. If I’m feeling any sort of emotions I let them out. Bottling emotions can cause serious mental breakdowns. Maybe take time to yourself in the shower to let it all out. Or take a walk, listening to you’re favorite songs or artist. Finding time for yourself to let yourself feel those feelings can be difficult. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hope you find comfort.

    • catmom2


      hello I just wanted to let u know this comment really helped me thank u

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