Anyone else here been on mirtazapine and struggled with weight gain? I was wondering if my metabolism will return to normal when I'm well enough to go off medication.


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  • Lanawinters


    Mirtazapine works like antihistamines (Benadryl) which basically dehydrate you and therefore you get hungry after taking them. I took mirtazapine for a while but not only the weight gain was bothering me but also the crazy vivid dreams. Even if I slept for 10 hours I would wake up tired and hungry. My doctor switched me to trazodone and so far it has worked a lot better for my sleep than mirtazapine. Hope this helps ❤️

  • Monie30


    Miritzapine is a bad med try herbal remedies cbd lemon water a detox

  • EnglishRose


    Yes, I've experienced bad weight gain on Mirtazapine. I have queried the doctor about but there doesn't seem to be another option for sleep and anxiety.

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