any other ftm dudes that are pretty into transition but are pre-top and just think that the boobs look out of place?



Gender Dysphoria

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  • Beetlejuul


    Yeah, I’m a year on t so they just don’t “match” anymore and it feels much worse than before t did

  • kinokokingdom


    yep. i have a bigger chest too so they're noticeable even when binding. somehow it makes my dysphoria even worse

  • TotallyFakeName


    Oh yeah, especially since I have a large set. They sag so much more from T too

  • dogdad13


    I'm post top surgery, but yes before that it increased my dysphoria a lot. I liked to think that it was because other things were bothering me less as I transitioned, and tried to focus on the changes I was excited to see

  • bugboy


    Yup. it feels so ...awkwardly placed. I often avoid looking at them. Im like 3? years on T

  • paganlagolous


    yeah- i have a larger chest size but i bind with a safe size binder from gcb2(something like that.) Im not on T yet, but i know of most the side effects of being on T

  • K_M_95


    I’m starting T this week and I’m so worried about getting to this point 😣 I’m still excited and I know top surgery is an option but still

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