hey! does anyone know if atenolol works effectively for POTS? my cardiologist just put me on this beta blocker for my high heart rate and i wanted to see how other people have had experiences with it before trying it out!




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  • BoomerangValentine


    I’ve been on atenolol for a few years, and I have found it to be pretty helpful. Although I take it in combination with fludrocortisone, and I think if I just took atenolol my bp would get too low

  • _Aja_


    I’ve been on atenolol for a long time (can’t even remember not being on it lol) and maybe I’m just way too into math for this analogy to work but think of a box and whisker plot or a scatter plot of all your HR readings. Before all of them were high, the highs were just alarmingly high. After starting atenolol, the whole graph just shifted down a few pegs. So there are still “spikes” I could feel as “oh my heart is racing” but it’s much lower than before. And my resting HR also shifted down to something they liked better. So to answer your question, for me, it works kind of, everything is lower, so less heart stress (yay!) but I can still feel symptoms? However, it made it easier for the more cheesy advice (drink water, exercise, salt) to work. If I ever have to give it up, it’ll be against my will, though lol. So I guess that speaks to how much it helps. But like the other person said, after a bit of taking it, there are some days I’ve gone from consistently hypertensive to low bp.

  • Tmac821


    I tried taking it for about a month but side effects were awful, headache dizziness and it dropped my blood pressure too low. Doesn’t work for everyone but worth a try.

  • Christiania


    When i first started it, it made me sleepy during the day, and stay awake at night. Thats cause i was 10, and took it twice a day.

  • Faithhope


    I can hardly function with beta blockers. Makes me lethargic

  • Healforhealth


    I have been on Atenolol for a while now. It take 100mgs a day. I would say that it didn't cure anything but it definitely made my symptoms more tolerable. I cant live without it.

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