I feel like I'm just a shell. I feel like I dont have emotions sometimes and that im just concerned about other people and their opinions about me that I neglect myself and dont have feelings if I do something that could potentially hurt me. do any of you guys feel that way? If so, has anything helped?


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  • AtomiskNova


    Drink green tea,utilize stretching, meditation, binural beats often, oming, walks in nature. Healthy eating.

  • blowfly


    It is easy to get swept away dancing to the music of others desires. Try gratitude journaling for 30 days to start framing and figuring out what is important to you? If you cant think of anything to write just doodle or scribble for 30 minutes.

  • doglover36


    Practice saying no to people. You dont need any excuse to deny someone your time no is enough. You cannot help others if you are not functioning yourself. Try to think about what you genuinely enjoy doing something creative maybe. Take time for yourself if you can and let yourself rest.

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