had x-rays done today. apparently i have what's called kyphosis ("straight neck" or "military neck")

anyone else with EDS deal with this?
has physical therapy worked for you?

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  • coffeeandcuddles


    I have this. I'll be honest, physical therapy has helped a bit but honestly nothing has really helped me with the nerve pain or mudcle knots it's been causing.

  • anemone


    if your kyphosis is postural and not structural then absolutely physical therapy can help! especially, strengthening the muscles that hold joints in place along with postural corrections can help you consciously fix the issue until it becomes second nature, and the strengthened muscles will support the joints to keep them in the proper place. i've got some minor lordosis and that's what i know would be helpful for mine (and weakened muscles have always contributed to it). the big key with physical therapy is that it Will Not work unless you do the home exercises you're provided. if they're too tough, see if you can make modifications along with your therapist so they are manageable. best of luck to you

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