I have arthritis in my lower back along with scoliosis. My doctor says the only pain medication I can use is Gabapentin. It doesn’t work and makes me feel weird. I don’t want to take narcotics and I’ve tried many OTC meds. The pain in my hips and back is very debilitating. Is anyone on a non narcotic pain medication for arthritis? Or even medication used off label?

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  • HeavenlyAngelina


    Hi. In addition to arthritis, I have chronic pain, Lupus & R.A. and I'm allergic to most pain meds (non narcotic & narcotic) so I can relate. Have you tried alternative treatments? (massage therapy, chiropractor, CBD, Medical Marijuana, etc) I went on an anti-inflammatory diet, (take Tumeric) & use the treatments I mentioned above and it's helped me so much. Hope this helps.

  • Inappropriate


    Hi, thank you for responding. Yes I have tried massage, chiropractor, and CBD creams. They only give me minimal relief. I appreciate the suggestions.

  • AuntSquirm


    I take Belbuca. It's a film you put in your cheek and it dissolves and lasts for 12 hours.

  • JennK


    Gabapentin is for nerve pain, do you have nerve pain? I hear from quite a few people that Gabapentin doesn't do anything for them.

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