What have you found that helps with your bpd ? What are some coping mechanisms you guys use ? I specifically have quite bpd

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • notthatkindofsick


    I started taking Lamictal a couple of years ago and it quite literally changed my life. I still have some emotional dis-regulation but I’m a different person now.

  • Ravenaclaw


    I recently downloaded an app called finch that’s helped me with different coping tools has a cute little bird that you take care of while your helping yourself along the way 😊

  • Bee333


    I second downloading Finch, it’s super fun and cute. It also helps me get out the things I’m feeling without having to complain to my partner about it which I’m sure they appreciate

  • koitedda


    I HAVE FINCH TOO!!!! does anyone wanna message me and be friends on there?? I got it two weeks ago and I've been feeling AWESOME ever since

  • Alien_Alex2234


    Update guys I was able to download finch and I will be utilizing the app

  • Arx


    Using cannabis

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