Other than medication, how do people deal with ptsd or pain. I am only 23 and i hurt so much


Chronic Generalized pain


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  • Fldreamer


    Medical CBD and medical marijuana💕😥

  • Derrick707


    Therapy. It's a slow process but it is very effective

  • Zetsumei2012


    I use the app headspace. It is subscription based, but it offers guided meditation and it helps clear my mind and stay focused. 👍

  • Tata01


    Having someone to talk to besides a therapist would help I imagine. Making friends is hard but I know if I had someone who wanted to listen then I'd go to that friend or relative to tell them what Tim thinking of. Therapy also helps, but it's time based and yk you can only say so much. I feel you though

  • 100Percent_K


    Chronic pain- I take gabapentin for daily and receive nerve block & joint injections from my pain doctor

  • Lucas.exe


    I'm 18 and have PTSD as well. I've been trying emdr which has been very emotionally hard but very freeing. Other than that, sour candy has helped me out of panic attacks and waking up to sunlight in my room makes me feel more refreshed in the morning. And try to take care of your body as much as you can. Lots of water in food or liquid form and vitamins have been helpful. I have tummy problems from my PTSD so fiber capsules, senna tablets, and laxatives (all over the counter) have helped my tummy a lot. Even taking a minute to sit and stretch can help.

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