I frequently have people telling me that my trauma "isn't that bad" and that I just "need a good experience with it." (the reason for my trauma) If anyone else experiences things like this, how do you typically respond?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • MonaLisa


    Same with me but I'm still trying to understand it

  • Kay_Kay


    You should be more direct when you get a comment like hey if wasn't "that bad" then how come I have triggers and flashbacks and so on. Trauma is trauma. Stand your ground. How are you supposed to have a good experience with something that altered your thinking 🤔🤔 there's no way possible that I could go back to that situation and find "good" but then again I don't know your story...basically I'm saying noone can tell you how to deal with your trauma...and you should let them kindly know that

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