I have a gut feeling that I just Miscarried a baby that was a week and 4 days old. I don't know how but I just had this gut feeling about it.
But I can't go to the hospital tho because My Mother-in-law, feoncé, and Sister-in-law all think that it was just normal and told me that it was just a normal period but it went on for 10 days. But what tops it all off is that I'm not allowed to tell anyone Because my Mother-in-law told me not to tell anyone especially not to tell my Mom.
Anyways that "normal" blood clot there was pink with microscopic little red lines in it small circle that looked like a tiny little placenta attached to two strings twisted together that was attached to a small red round circle. And the other one looked really thin and was round and folded up on it self it was almost the size of my palm but it was almost clear and that was on the 8th of July. And before those came out two gushes of blood came out and my thighs where covered in blood it looked like I kl1ed someone with my thighs and when I went into the shower there was more blood that came out. I started bleeding on the 30th of June and I was having very uncomfortable cramps and my back hurt like crazy and on the 5th of July I had really really uncomfortable sharp pain I almost fell over and cried it was right after everyone stopped yelling at me I was so stressed out the uncomfortable sharp pain lasted for a whole minute.

Chest pain

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  • DuckyLove


    Lol I put sharp pain in this post and it generalized it as chest pain lol it wasn't it was cramps

  • Cece7


    I would definitely go to a doctor if you can at all that sounds like something You should really have examined by a professional for sure

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