My GP and I were suspecting POTS for some time but cardiology ruled it out pretty quickly—does anyone else deal with lightheadedness and tachycardia as significant symptoms with fibro/ME? The dizziness is up there with pain & fatigue in terms of frequency/severity!

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  • dearestdoe


    YES OMG!! mine went the exact same way. my resting heart rate is usually around 110-120, and im constantly dizzy and on the verge on falling over 24/7. my doctors havent found a "good" reason for it (ie they havent found another suitable diagnosis) so we've chalked it up to fibro. and i definitely agree, the dizziness is probably equal to or greater than my pain levels.

    • BonnieBubblegum


      yes!! The nurse at my last cardio just went “woah” when she took my heart rate 😂 fingers crossed for answers for us both!

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