I am looking for a holistic approach for my Psoriasis. Can you advice ? How about herbs or supplements? What are the real foods to stay away from so that I do not get any flare ups.



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  • Frisco


    Definitely no alcohol involved or spices food….

  • catmom35


    I feel like food to avoid is different for everyone. For me it’s red meat (the worst), anything acidic, and basically not staying hydrated. When I’m dehydrated I might not have a break out but my skin is irritated and itchy.

  • shariadams


    Me too I don't want to take these expensive medication with all the side effects

  • CatFather


    I am a Town Council Member and have a Meeting soon. I will be off for a bit, but will be back on around 8:00 p.m. Maybe we can Share enough of our efforts and trials to gain some advantage over this horrid disease. Namaste'

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