I have anxiety that's being treated by Rx and I was using THC gummies on really bad overwhelming days. Recently had a couple strokes and was told no more gummies. 😔 I was given Xanax for the bad days but it doesn't help. Any one know why I shouldn't take the gummies or know if it would be safe to go back to?

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    Get a second opinion on the gummies. Sometimes you run into doctors that are against thc, marajuana, etc. will say that. But I’m not a doctor so this is just an opinion.

  • Butterflygoddess


    I agree with DHRDIVA. Get a second opinion from a holistic doctor.

  • Pfeiffer


    I believe the edibles are not at predictable and stay in your system longer if that makes sense. I also think THC might mess with your blood pressure, and I’m guessing that is the concern because of the strokes. But definitely ask questions about why the doctors are concerned.

  • galaxysedqe


    i agree with DHRDIVA as well, i'd get a second opinion. have u ever tried gummies with just cbd? they have a similar calming effect

  • PaulWeaver


    I was recently approved for a medical marijuana card but haven't completed the application process. I asked my neurologist if thc would be safe for me to take during my stroke recovery. She said there really is no information at this time if it could cause complications or not so she could not recommend it.

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