Does anyone else struggle with feeling like you'll never accomplish anything and then anxiety is holding you back. honestly my goals kinda got thrown away. I'm only 22 so I know I'm young but due to not going to college or hitting "goals" (having a house, stable job, i.e) I know most people go thru this in their 20s but it's really hitting hard these days. how do you even start working towards figuring out life

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Vixly


    It’s going to sound cliche but taking it one step at a time. When I was able to figure out what I wanted to retraced then steps to get there and work through them slowly. I know plenty of 22 year olds who have no idea what they are doing and live at home. That’s perfectly fine everything is situational, just remember no one else knows what they are doing

  • Scarlettrose


    Life is hard. My daughter just bought her first house and she's 27. It takes time. Give yourself a break. We've been going through a pandemic, inflation, losing loved ones, and now possibly another war. There's alot going on and its easy to become overwhelmed. Just slow down and make a plan out that you know you can do but start small. Even the small things we do everyday are stills accomplishments. Hope this helps ease your mind a little.

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