I dont know how to tell my family about my intrusive thoughts. They know I have them but everytime I try and tell anyone about them I just break down because they really scare me.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • PenCakes


    Totally understand. Personally, I never talked to my parents about my intrusive thoughts unless I was seeking reassurance from them (which was a counterproductive compulsion). Talking about all the messed up things that constantly play over and over in our heads is scary! I think the most important thing you can do right now is offer yourself some self-compassion and bring up this issue with your therapist at your next appointment. Maybe a therapist can work with you to understand why you feel the need to tell your parents, and whether that need is counterproductive or something to lean into with exposure therapy. Sending good vibes your way ❤

  • squidish


    Been there. I have baaad intrusive thoughts so i know how rough it is, i gag randomly just bc of horrible thoughts. You could practice what you want to say to your family with a therapist or a friend. Sometimes its easier when you have a script. 💕hope you have a positive experience today 👾

  • Gigirez


    I rarely share the content of my intrusive thoughts with anyone. I don't want to plant the horrors of what is in my head, into theirs.

  • Alpine


    It's really scaring telling someone the thoughts that scare you. Talking to a therapist is really helpful because they deal with really big & scaring thoughts of people all the time, they won't find it odd or scary.

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