I have multiple health issues, no insurance, am unable to work but also denied Disability multiple times. I have an unstable relationship with my partner; he and I have been on and off for about 23 years. I have no real support system for my mental as well as physical health. I'm not really a people person either.

Chronic Hepatitis

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  • Pennysue


    You have no support I also know how that feels I also had a night for 20 years that tells me that I'm going to die alone anyway when I asked him if he wants to be with me then they need years with me

  • Pennysue


    I have support with my family but I don't think they really listen to me when I tell how far I am in on this and what is going on either they're scared to hear it or they really don't want to hear it I handle everything at home I work when I can and now I'm taking care of my four grandchildren unable to work at the moment because of things they've been through and needing counseling can't leave them alone I've started a check to make sure that we have our bill money but not even sure how we're going to pay this bill is due the 15th I recently had the bills turned off utilities and just coming back on with the church's help all I know is it you have to keep trying no matter what comes in your pathway we have to keep hanging in there and doing it for ourselves sometimes when we count on people and assume they're going to be there for us we only get broken hearted

  • Pennysue



  • janah


    Im here if you jus wanna talk i kno the pain of having support

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