I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease a few years ago. Even with medication I’ve felt absolutely terrible for so long. I’m used to it at this point but there has to be some way to improve my symptoms other than meds. I’m constantly tired, sluggish, unmotivated, and oddly, I have severe soreness pain in the muscles of my legs, specifically my upper thighs. My most recent doctor told me my Hashimoto’s wouldn’t cause pain, so what else could it be? I’ve seen 3 different doctors and it seems like none of them listen because my blood work is showing normal tsh levels because I’m taking medication. My goiter is also coming back again, it looks very swollen. I’m taking vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, b12, and levothyroxine. I’m also on adhd medication.

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  • Coldbrew


    I would try to see your PCP about possible chronic pain conditions you might have. There’s a LOT of them and this sounds pretty characteristic of a few.

  • SunnyD


    One of my first symptoms of Hashimoto’s were swollen, painful legs. It started off as pain that is hard to describe. Not like cramps, but pain that radiated deep. Then the swelling started. I googled non-pitting edema, and saw that it can be associated with thyroid conditions. So it’s possible. Are you seeing an endocrinologist? It’s also good to find one that specializes in autoimmune thyroid conditions.

  • TimeWarpGoddess91


    Some people myself included have to do more than the meds to truly get all the symptoms. I know alot of people have success with doing the anti-inflammatory diet. It's not easy since you have to cut gluten dairy and processed foods but people absolutely swear it helps those pains ans swelling. Im actually starting this new adventure tomorrow. I'm so tired of hurting ans being tight all the time. The Brain fog is absolutely terrible and I'm tired even when my numbers are in range so I'm going to try this diet and see if I benefit from it like so many have

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