Was wondering if anyone only has Afib events at night.



Atrial fibrillation

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  • skypilot302


    I'm not sure when I have them, but I do know that my first ever event was at night during my first night in hospital with covid. I am now on medication to control it

  • Ceig


    I am only on Eliquis to make sure I don’t develop blood clots.

  • skypilot302


    I'm also on Eliquis since I was discharged from the hospital with covid

  • Ariellas_Nana


    I’m on three different medication‘s for a fib they’re going to put me on a fourth well I should say two of them are also for high blood pressure but they work for both I have known I’ve had something wrong for a long time but I finally just got a positive that I was on a fib when I was in the hospital last January. My age it can be anytime but generally it’s at night it’s what I usually don’t lay down for the last thing of a night to go to bed but like I said it can happen anytime for meSometimes it’s just some throbbing other times it’s full out pounding times it’s breathing fast and then a pounding.

  • skypilot302


    Thanks for the info. 👍

  • AraS


    I do. My surgeon said it’s because my a-fib is “vagal-mediated.” For example, I used to get horrendous episodes lasting 8+ hours with crushing chest pain only after I ate in the late afternoon/early evening. The later I ate, the worse it was. I had an ablation using new technology last May. After the recovery period, I’ve been pretty much symptom-free up until a month ago. Now, I’m being woken up in the middle of the night with symptoms again. I just moved and have no doctor so I’m a little frightened that it’s coming back. But yes, short answer is, yes, mine happen only at night. Blood thinners did not work for me, made my symptoms worse and I had tremendous bruising and clot formation under the skin. I just take Flecainide and metoprolol.

  • twinkit


    Yes - I've had a few during my stressful dreams.

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