I feel the need to self harm and not because I'm doing bad right now but because it feels right and satisfying like it sounds weird but the action of punching and feeling the pain feels right

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  • Dorkasaurus


    It obviously isn't right to you, otherwise you wouldn't hold yourself back from it. Which is the right answer πŸ‘ŒπŸ» All you get out of it is a short emotional outburst. It comes at the cost of hurting yourself. Would you let someone else let their emotion out on you? No, you wouldn't. That's why you're not doing it to others. You deserve to treat yourself like you would someone else. Otherwise, it's abuse. Dude, you're a person too πŸ˜† I get it, I know I forget a lot. Take time to think about it. If you need distraction, run for it. Something I use is the CalmHarm app. I'm also rly clingy and annoying to my pet. Or I go help someone with something that's completely unrelated to my life. You're wanting escape and satisfaction and reset and relief and emotional needs addressed. You and me, our brains shortcircuit to that. At one point, it was our last desperate attempt to do something about our pain. It's not needed anymore. When we're in a place today where there is even one other option, we gotta take it. Or the shortcircuit is gonna stay when it's not needed, wanted, and is nothing but harmful and a literal waste of time. What it's trying to accomplish is worth so much more to you. Let's do that today instead :)

    • pandasss


      that made me tear up, thank you πŸ’•

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