are there better methods of coping with suicidal thoughts?

Self-inflicted injury

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  • porkchops


    Reading the Bible really help overcome suicidal feelings

  • KittyKatKuo


    Remember who you leave behind, remember that it's not just your life your giving up, you could destroy those you love or leave them with deep scarring that never heals. I've seen marriages break, people give up too, and the aftermath on the closest loved ones. It's a haunting thing to observe, and it keeps me from trying to take my life.

  • Or


    My friend once told me to write down all my favorite memories on a piece of paper and read them when I get bad. As morbid as it sounds I also keep a list of people that I know would be effected really bad if I died posted on my wall. Distractions are always good. Also, when it gets bad, just take it 7 minutes at a time. Just a little more.

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