Hi, so for the past week I have been itching and breaking out in hives and rashes on my arms, legs and neck areas. I’ve been using Zyrtec allergy meds, it got bad so had to go get a steroid shot. Also been using calamine lotion and coconut oil, which been helping. Not sure it’s an allergy to something or what. Other than meds, is there a natural treatment that would help? Meds always give me bad side effects. It might be an allergic reaction from a bug bite but not sure how long those last.

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  • Elo61


    One of the hardest things is to find out the culprit for the allergy reaction. I have been trying to watch my daily activities, including my food. And I think sesame is one of the reasons, but I am still watching everything and will update you whenever I reach a conclusion . By the way I am taking Allegra every morning for the last two weeks.

  • King_Lizard


    I had chronic hives for about a year and a half… it also got to the point where I was taking a ridiculous amount of Zyrtec (and other suggested histamine blockers like pepsin) daily. I even did Xolair shots for months!!!! It was until I got on regular supplements such as : sacchromyces boulardii (probiotic) fish oil and Livaplex that I noticed a tremendous difference in my livers ability to rid of toxins and no more hives!

  • Aimless


    Ever hear of Alpha Gal syndrome?

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