has anyone with MTHFR ever experienced a miscarriage followed by a severely compromised immune system?

(my LONG story is below, if this relates to you)

ever since the miscarriage in August, I have been sick with something new weekly. not always contagious -- I would easily develop food poisoning or skin reactions, the later of which produced tiny, bright red, fluid-filled bumps all over my skin, some progressing into staff infections. my liver enzymes are high, despite my usual Deplin. my body simply can't detoxify or fight off any foreign contaminants.

I just started a new job, training out of town for 4mos. I've become so resigned to feeling sick and exhausted, and I've become so determined to escape being useless to my new husband (my new family) by being sick all the time.

so, I hit the ground running at the new job. made it a week before I absolutely had to address an awful ear infection. turns out I'm positive for COVID, flu A, & flu B. they're far more concerned with the infected ear with a ruptured eardrum, though. 🙄😑

I've hit the respiratory trifecta!

tell me your post-miscarriage MTHFR immune system stories, if you have any?

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