My hands are weak and it frustrates me. I get exhausted trying to open jars sometimes. Any hand exercises or something to build up grip strength? My small fiber neuropathy makes it really hard to feel how strong I’m grabbing or pulling something. I can’t gauge it at all. Does anybody else have this problem? It can effect my feet as well, and sometimes I will brake too hard while driving because I can’t tell how hard I’m pressing on the pedal. Oh! And I can’t wear normal shoes because they rip the skin off my feet and leave wounds that take weeks to heal. The scars are still there from when I tried sneakers. I always need flip flops or some super cushioned boots for winter. My small fiber neuropathy effects my feet and hands, does anyone know anything that could have manage these symptoms?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

Peripheral Neuropathy


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  • CynWecandothis


    My SFN affects my hands and feet too. I wear white gloves on my hands which helps, the kind bellringers wear. I also walk around the house in warm, snug and cushiony socks in crocs. They keep my toes from rubbing against the surface of my shoes and callouses forming my feet. Box toed shoes also helps.

  • Emmma


    For my peripheral neuropathy I use a combo of 💨💨, nucenta, Gabapentin, lyrica, compression socks/gloves, and naps to cope. But goodness it’s a struggle. If you ever have more questions or just wanna vent feel free to message me ☺️

    • Emmma


      Oh and to open jars, I have the flat end of the back of the knife and whack the lid 1-3 times pretty hard. It breaks the seal and will twist right off?

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