Does anybody else have an aversion to certain foods? It's causing me to have comfort and safety in only things like fast food. I'm not sure how else to describe it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • RattheRemi


    Yes. Onions and red sauce specifically

  • SomeKindaKid


    I do but I also have ARFID likely caused by my autism and sensory issues

  • MissWilwarin


    I don’t know if I’d say I have an aversion, but I’m definitely a picky eater. And once I find a food I like, it’s one of the only foods I’ll eat. Like at a restaurant I’ll only get that one dish every time I go.

  • serendi


    Yep, I understand that well. It’s frustrating and people comment on it waaaay too much, usually under the guise of a “joke.” But IMO, we should try to remember that even if it’s not the most nutritious of foods, it’s better than not even giving your body that. 🧡

  • feralsharkdog


    If it's greasy, I won't touch it

  • Gnashing


    Currently extremely food adverse to literally any red food/sauce of any kind. Like no matter how much I talk myself through it I just get so freaked out by the texture/appearence/color/taste that I end up avoiding it completely. I've found that SLOWLY introducing new foods is helping, and hiding the color of sauces in opaque bottles so I can't actually see the color :') I also have a reward system going on where after I try something particularly scary (the last thing I tried was sushi) I can back out at any point and go to a comfort food when I feel like I've made a solid attempt. It encourages me to at least try new foods on my own terms! :)

  • colourfulburrito


    Mushrooms and melted cheese. Especially oil foods as well like a chicken burger from my local takeaway or bacon that my mum just cooked. Even pizza turns my stomach just looking at it (I can't have regular pizza anyway cuz I'm allergic to tomatoes)

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