I have difficulty making friends. I've got one friend that I mostly just send memes to, and he's not a kid friendly kind of guy, but I've got 3 kids. Also, I'm currently in the process of going through a divorce, so my best friend that I've had for a majority of my life is done being there for me. Those are my only friends, but I don't know how to make more without seeming desperate. Any recommendations on how I can go about making new friends?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Joycelynn777


    My biggest advice is to find others with ASD. I've always have had difficulty making friends myself. Now for some reason I have 7 friends. Five of those have ASD. The others are still nerodivergent. To me having friends with ASD is essential now. They understand me even when I don't understand me lol. They can be there for you in a way no one else can. And the great thing about us is we can see when it's getting to much for the other. Suddenly you'll become bold to help that person out of a situation. Or they you. Though warning if you have echolalia you will get stuck together lol. Maybe look for signs that someone is autistic and share a sensory toy or something. Most of the time what's great is we can become friends without saying a word. I love the autistic community. If you ever want to talk to me you can. You can vent, cry, send me memes etc. I won't judge. 💕

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