I am just so tired... of everything. Lately, I haven't been myself as in being more depressed and unmotivated... Nothing seems to get better in my life, and often times I just shun away, and avoid people. I don't want to talk to anyone but I know it is not good to do that because of past experiences. I know it never makes me feel better when I avoid people. I'm just so tired of the expectations people have for me. I'm so tired of being in the wrong all the time because I was standing up for a friend. I'm tired of my job, I've been so tired of it for a very long time but there is nothing out there that pays as well.... I'm just tired of feeling this empty void inside me, and that I don't want to be here physically. I do not know what to do because I feel alone, tired, anxious, and depressed. I feel as though, my meds are no longer working for me, and I'm tired of trying to take new antidepressants because it gets so tiring... I just wish I could find a reason to be happy since I have some good things in my life but it doesn't give me any joy at all. I feel like I'm here yet so far away... I do not know what to do anymore


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  • Sedo


    I'm so sorry you're experiencing this in your life right now. It is not an easy thing and it sounds like you're going through burn out. It is easy to get those feelings take over. Take time to go slow with yourself and go at your own pace. Also remember it's okay to ask for help. Rest well and get better soon.

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