Hi guys I’m here for more advice. So I have Ehlers Danslos and I wear knee and wrist braces to sleep. But my problem now is my shoulders coming out in my sleep. Is there such thing as a shoulder brace or anything to stop that? Also my thumb’s metacarpal joint keeps over extending. Any clues on how to help that? Thanks.

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  • goblin49


    Sorry, idk about the shoulder. But my thumbs like to really come out all the time so I can help you out with that! I would look into metal ring splints/thumb splints, my personal fav company is Zebra Splints. These things help so much, and everyone always compliments me thinking they are just regular jewelry pieces!

  • royalty


    I've seen a type of pillow that's shaped like a brick if you like to lay on your side that I'm planning on getting. I like to lay on my side but I have to use like two or three pillows so my shoulders don't dislocate through the night.

  • Livingasazebra


    There is a type of shoulder brace I’ve seen

  • Teal100


    If my shoulders are really playing up I have to sleep on my back

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