I just had a mild bout with Covid and am now using an inhaler. Dr said not asthma but I may be having bronchial spasms.
I have never needed an inhaler in my life, anyone else use one after Covid and for how long?

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    I had costochondritis, after COVID it’s an inflammation of the chest cavity? It’s been over three months and I feel it’s just now resolving. I would get weird pains in my ribs. It seems like you have mild inflammation in your system post COVID hang in there, I’m sure it’s temporary.

    • JD3


      interesting, I had pain in my ribs too, noticed it about a week before I was diagnosed. Today has been a better day, I’m hopeful.

    • Ksmi


      okay I just heard about this yesterday and now I’m seeing this, can you explain your symptoms of this a little more? Also how do they treat that?

      • MISHY


        hi, my symptoms started when I had COVID in January/February! It was a piercing pain that started in my left rib, which can feel like a heartattack, so when I called the urgent care they told me it’s costochondritis! It’s basically inflammation in your rib joint. And it was very painful, I would ice it or take ibuprofen to relieve the pain. Now it’s resolved, I have no pain.

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