I'm so stressed out that my meds doctor's office doesn't allow you to call in over the weekend if you run out of meds and I just took my last ADHD pill.

At least I'm meeting with her tomorrow. It still sucks though. I might have to find another doctor because it's just not working, and that stresses me out even more!!

Any ideas for de-stressing when you're a naturally tense person?

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  • RubyRed888


    I have found caffeine & L-theanine supplements that help when I have to go without stimulant meds. It gives me a boost without me feeling jittery. And I stop stressing about being out of my med routine. Lavender tea or essential oils in a diffuser help me to destress when all else fails. I usually take about 5 minutes in a quiet room to just breathe in the tea or diffuser and focus on calming myself down with deep breaths.

  • 100Percent_K


    I would try to set a reminder to send in your request for a script a few days before it’s due. That will prevent this and also in case either the doctor is out of the office or the pharmacy is out of your meds it covers your booty

  • SalineTurnip


    I'm facing this same problem. I saw my doctor Thursday, wasn't able to pick up my meds until Friday evening and my doctor didn't even call them in! So I have to call them when they open in a few hours. But I had to go the weekend without meds. I haven't been to sleep tonight (it's 5AM) bc my other meds ran out too. 🥲 I would say, set a reminder, like an alarm, or write it in a planner if you're forgetful. As for dealing with the stress, I like to do a stressful thing (like searching for a new doctor) for a certain amount of time and then stop and do something relaxing. Watch a show or movie, journal, engage in a hobby, etc. Don't put it off until the last minute bc that will just make you more stressed.

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