I was diagnosed with ADHD at 6 years old, and it has never been harder to cope with than it is nowadays. I'm uneducated after graduation, which I could deal with at the time. Now, I've recently become homeless, staying at my mom's workplace and having to run all kinds of errands. It's wearing me down, I feel like a rack or creaking aching bones with a scattered mind. How do I deal with all the stress? I don't have the option of going back to medicine, I don't have a regular doctor anymore.

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  • Screath


    If possible, you can take strolls by yourself to clear your head, or find new places that you haven't been to before.

  • chihiro.sen


    30 minutes of youtube yoga and meditiation. I always thought it was silly when ppl reccomended me yoga for anxiety, but earlier this year i was so stressed out and desperate for relief that i tried it. Just feeling like you are doing something that will help is really soothing, and doing an asmr body scan meditiation was the only way i could fall asleep without stress thoughts keeping me up. I just did the yoga on the floor, and if youre bot up to yoga just a simple stretching routine will work.

  • IcedChai


    Look in to Lions mane its an over the counter supplement that might help you

  • dopaminedeficient


    Homeless?! Can't you stay with your parents? Or at least a friend. They should help u get an appointment with a psychiatrist so u can go back on medicine. If u can't afford going to a psychiatrist and the meds you could apply for medical assistance maybe

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