what medicines can be used for treatment? i’ve been taking pyridium (azo ingredient) but i know that’s not good for everyday use..


Abdominal Distention

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic interstitial cystitis

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  • jaesun


    try CBD if its accessible to you! i was a bit skeptical since ive tried THC edibles before and they sort of helped (mostly to keep my head distracted lol, not too much CBD in them), but a friend offered me some of their CBD gummies they use for anxiety, and it helped reduce my IC pain SO MUCH. its still there a bit of dull pain lingering of course, but its so good in keeping me comfortable throughout the day enough for me to barely notice it. much, much better than pyridium and tramadol (both i currently use, i stopped taking pyridium though. tramadol is for occasion where its absolutely horrible) although, it keeps me asleep through the night. while it sounds great, it hurts my bladder in the morning since im holding it in my sleep instead of getting up to empty it since i usually cant go through a full night without getting up at least twice. i just take it in the morning when i get up, so i can be comfortable and have it wear off by the time i go to bed and can allow myself to get up when needed. i hope this helped!

    • imfallingapart


      I could get that to go in a pipe..but wondering if Marijuana would help..it's legal in nevada..anybody know? I've been on tramadol too long and working with pain management to get another med..diagnosed over 8 years..it does get worse over time..maybe the cracks get bigger and allow more acid hitting the nerve.🤔

  • wishywashy


    i use zyrtec

  • 100Percent_K


    Check out the IC network, they lay out the different types of IC and I believe treatment options. Also Harvard has them broken down as well which includes treatments for each subsection. I have hormone and mast cell issues, so I take antihistamines and hormones which helps my IC 😊

  • Belugabear


    I recommend aloe Vera! It’s natural and has been a complete game changer for me! I wake up with some bladder pain occasionally but throughout the day I’m all good!

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