How to decrease lower back pain and pain in groin so I can continue working?

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  • Teeter


    I sometimes have to keep a heating pad then alternate to cool pak every 15-20 minutes to get relief ... massage therapy helps a great deal too. Muscle relaxers help...I'm just not big on meds.

  • McNeil


    I tried to go with out muscle relaxers, by body cramps up real bad and start jumping I hate feeling like this. I definitely don’t like meds ether but I try to eat right so the foods I eat are nutritional for a fibromyalgia diet, The whole family. Tries to eat right so i don’t Go through alone. Fresh vegetables salmon fish turkey chicken all baked meats. Portion control so important for us most likely we need to loose weight when possible to free up joints.

    • bugsy


      I'm not much into taking meds either, but my pain has gotten so bad throughout the years, I've been taking epidural injections and I'm very worried that it's doing me more harm than wrong, this round I took a couple of weeks ago seems to of work for just a couple of days and the pain is back again😥

  • bugsy


    Honestly pain medication is about the only thing that helps me

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