i haven’t posted here before but i guess i’ll kinda use it like a diary or whatever. basically, been in the ward twice, and every time i relapse and it feels like i keep falling back no matter what, i just need some advice on ways to stay motivated i guess

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  • Eren2273


    What kind of motivation are you looking for?

  • Knock


    Face your fears. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what are your goals? What do You want to do? Pray!!!!! It’s a big one! Jesus loves you! And last of all I would say doing don’t make you’re mistakes you’re identity you were not a mistake we all fall but when we rise we come back Stronger!! I went to the ward last month honestly it was an escape to focus on me and made friends there so don’t think you’re bad or crazy because you ended up there just means you need some help because mental health is a journey And getting help is good. Sometimes we need someone by our side and letting us know if we are going in the right direction.i don’t know you but I love you and things Will get better❤️

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