I used to have a big group of friends, I was very social and funny. unfortunately depression runs strong in my family. Anyway my "friends" due to my isolation as daw or took it as an insult and never even tried to understand me. so my question is how to meet ppl like me, meet people at 37 and by "like me" I mean im a lot less confident now I just wanna meet ppl idk..


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  • Belugabear


    Facebook groups and apps like this really helped me with the loneliness from my illnesses, I highly recommend! Support groups are also great

  • 804MWM


    I feel the same. I'm giving this app a try. I really like to see people face to face, but I feel like social media is the only way we interact now. And when I meet people face to face, I'm not me, I'm "conservative me" instead of "inner freak" me. I feel like in my case it may be anxiety and low self esteem (leading to low confidence), and I'm going to try talk therapy later this week. This is my first day on this app- not sure about follow options, but hope to hear more about your journey.

  • passionate


    Same here ✋

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