i have some questions for anyone who's taken a plane with their mobility aids.

so i live a couple of states away from my mom, and im going to be traveling back home so that i can attend a concert with her. my plan is to take a plane, but ive never been on one before and ive heard a lot of horror stories from other disabled people.

what were your experiences like? were there any accommodations you had, any tips as far as flying goes? did you and your mobility aids make it out okay? i plan on traveling with my forearm crutches - would i be allowed to take those on the flight with me or would they be put with luggage? if they get taken, would i be given the airport's alternative or am i just supposed to suffer thru it? any tips on keeping my aids from getting lost or stolen? what airline(s) do you recommend flying with, which ones should i avoid (ive heard delta is bad)? is there anything else i should know?

thats a lot of questions, i know, but im super nervous since i dont know anything. thank you in advance to anyone who has any advice.



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  • Alux


    ive flown with my cane, and i just kept it with me except when i went through the metal detector / carryon-phone-shoe scanning area, where they put my cane through the scanner and gave me a wooden cane to walk thru the metal detector with. but i got my cane back right after the metal detector

  • royalty


    Commenting because I'd also like to know as someone who's thinking about moving overseas.

  • Elly


    I’ve flown with a scooter, wheelchair and walker at different times. I’ve also flown with someone with a cane. Cane stayed with us the entire time. My walker stayed with me until I was seated on the plane. Then it was stowed for take off/landing. I would imagine they’d do the same for crutches. If asked if you can separate from them say “no” and they will handle appropriately. Go early and ask for a wheelchair through tsa if you think that would be helpful. (Cuts down on time for sure).

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