Anyone else can’t eat on celexa?? I just recently started taking it, and my appetite has been completely non existent and food just seems gross to me. I am already trying to gain weight at the moment and don’t want to lose anymore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well! ☺️



Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Yorkiemama


    Hi! I was like this when I first started taking it. After a few weeks of adjusting to the med my appetite came back!

    • gothic_kfc


      oh okay good to know!! 😅 glad it shouldn’t be too much longer hopefully!

  • Kaislyn


    I was nauseous all the time when I first started taking it but it went away and I’ve been on it ever since!

  • SyntheticMollie


    It actually makes me really hungry.

  • Romii


    I always have a low appetite and celexia didn’t seem to change that one way or another

  • Aspyn2022


    Try breakfast essentials to replace food I've had to do it a couple times.

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