Is anyone having SUCH a hard time losing weight with this tumor? I worked so hard at the gym, have a personal trainer, eat pretty healthy, get enough sleep, and drink tons of water and I’m gaining weight so fast. It’s so frustrating to work so hard and not see results.

Neoplasms of Unspecified Nature

Benign Pituitary Gland Tumor

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  • K8tlyn


    Hey girlie I’m so sorry that must really suck:( yah for me too I don’t eat much and generally eat healthy and exercise when I don’t feel too crappy but nothing seems to really help

  • Rileypaege


    Yes it’s very common, my doctor had me run tests on things like my cortisol and prolactin levels. Because where the tumor is in the pituitary gland which regulates body function and hormones it’s common the tumor might be messing up those hormones.

  • Mertle


    Just had pituitary surgery a month ago to remove the adenoma that was causingy Cushing's symptoms. Hopefully, they'll improve not that it's gone. Losing weight before was virtually impossible before.

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