Have you had to up your medication dose since beginning treatment for IC? If so, how long after starting did you increase your dose & by how much?

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Chronic interstitial cystitis

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  • Joy


    I started with a 10mg elavil daily. After two weeks I increased it to 25mg daily and then to 30.

  • MamaBear51


    I’ve been taking Elmiron 100mg 3x/day for years, and didn’t think it was helping that much until I discontinued it for a few weeks and my symptoms got worse. About a year ago my doctor bumped up my Elavil from 10mg to 25mg and it has helped quite a bit too.

  • Knitwit


    I also take elmiron 3x a day, and it does really help but you have to take it as scheduled. No skipping pills. I also got something called urospaz from my urologist and that helps so so much with flare ups

  • lizardbrain


    I take Oxybutynin (along with Uribel & D Mannose) for my IC, and started out on 5mg. My doctor increased my dose to 10mg about 4 months later, and I feel like it's been a lot more helpful since then.

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