Suffering continuously. I have an appointment with a specialist on 4/21. My previous doctor suggested that immunotherapy might be the next step. Have any of you had to go this route?

Lichen Planus (LP)


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  • Dulcina


    I had my blood drawn and came back only with low fulic acid. I would try a cleanse.may help wonders.our energy being low keeps us sick.raising ur energy vibrations will help to.try YouTube search for homeopathic remedies.don't get on big pharma meds.

  • Faline


    Start taking purslane every day. It worked for me and now I'm off Prednisone.

    • Leerea


      How do you take purslane? Tea?

      • Faline


        Capsules. I take 2 400mg capsules every day and supplement with more when I have a break out.

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