I've had fibro for 8 years now. it seems so much longer.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • mamabear07


    It's awful isn't it? I'm so sorry l love. I wish I had the answer to make it go away. The meds don't do anything. Feel free to dm me if you want someone to talk to ❤️

  • zyxorcba


    I can agree with everything you said. Please remember you're never alone many of us suffer through the same mostly in silence. We get told that it can't be that bad or that we are hypochondriacs that's one nice thing about this app. My first flair up was at two years old but you never get used to it. I'm very thankful that I only have the issues I do. If u ever need to reach out don't hesitate I feel you sometimes talking helps and who better then a non judgemental stranger that sorta understands.

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