Has anyone resented someone that you are taking care of bc 🦠 and anxious, sad, stuck bc you can’t focus on yourself?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • JQ


    Absolutely and then I'd have guilty feelings for being resentful. It's can be a vicious cycle. It greatvif you dan get some alone time to focus on your needs, if possible.

    • Uneasy


      It’s such a task bc I’ve had to make the ultimate decisions for myself in relationships. No leader or someone to cover me. When this 🦠is over there will be more decisions I’ll be responsible for bc they include me , either I do it or it won’t be done. I’m tired and always thinking.

  • Sissy2


    You need some alone time I took care of my husband for years before he passed away and every once in swhile needed a break.

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