Hello, just need to get this off my chest. Haven't told anyone since March 10th, been on depression and anxiety meds since the 18th of March. On November 22nd, I left my job that I loved to help out my SIL at her company. I've been in the medical field for 20 years, she runs a trucking company this was temporary, we all knew it. Things were ok, I was trained, my husband works there, things were good till they weren't. On March 10th, everything changed I got laid off for budget cuts, they treated me like I was an outsider, I used my husband's office keys, as he was with his dad, since he had back surgery. Anyway they told me to give them his keys, so I don't steal anything from their office. What? My husband was furious, livid, I felt so betrayed, I wasn't angry so to speak, I was hurt. And for the most hurtful moment, I have applied and applied since March to get back in medical field, they are hiring, but not me. Sorry so long. I have no idea what to feel.......


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  • WWW


    I'm sorry you're going through this. Things will get better, hang in there. 🤗💕🙏

  • sparklebudgie


    what a junky situation. sounds trite but the right job will come along! just keep applying!

  • Mamabear8204


    Update: still no job, feeling alone, & confused on what I'm doing wrong. I've had interview after interview, nothing, not accepted. I'm either over qualified or under. Which makes no sense to me. I love my home. Never want to leave it, but the thing is that's not me. Family situation I worse, they oncite my husband to things but ask that he not tell me. But he tells me & asks if I want to do something else, because if I'm not invited he don't wanna go. It drives me nuts we are a package deal. Sorry rant over

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