I have been living with basically all of my conditions all of my life or at least the majority, some I dealt with way before I knew what it was. I am so tired. I am tired of chest pain, of joint pain, tired of being so different then everyone else that I can not psychologically match with anyone. I have no real friends, it usually takes a while but I find out that no one cares. my parents have never cared, my wife doesn’t, and neither does my children. I have sought help many times, been to counseling most of my life. medication does not work on me, dieting doesn't do anything, and no therapist will speak to me more then a few times before they send me to someone else. there is a large mental health clinic like place in my town, it is the only place around that has therapists... and no one there will see me. no one cares, everyone pretends because they want to feel better about themselves. I know I have knowledge and wisdom that could be beneficial but no one takes me seriously, nor do they take me serious when I say I can not keep doing this. If I could have 1 thing tonight, anything in this world.. a million dollars or even a super power.. The one thing I want is to not wake up in the morning. and me saying this isn't going to help either, none of you I'm sure care either.. someone will report this and then nothing will happen. and I'll still be stuck like this for the remainder of my 9 years or hopefully less. I want to believe there is people out there that care, I care.. I enjoy helping others.. I like to listen.. I became the person I needed, and yet I still can not find another like me for me.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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  • Chiapet


    I am so sorry Cory, I will say a prayer for you and maybe you will get some help and compassion that you deserve. 🤗 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • Cory1988


    Thank you but im 33 and it hasn't happened yet so I'm not holding my breath

  • Medically_Challenged


    I found that the people around me sometimes give the impression that they don’t care but I’ve come to the conclusion that they just don’t understand. In the end this is a good thing that their not sick enough to feel the same pain we do. Please don’t give up and really hone in on things that make you happy. I also will pray for you. I also have lived with my disability most of my life so I really understand what you are going through. Let’s continue on this journey together until we find happiness. It’s not always connected to health but of course that is the end goal.

  • KimboK


    Things will get better! There are a lot of good doctors out there that does care. I would try to find a good Functional medecine doctor that specializes in some of your diagnoses. I am saying this because you have both mental and autoimmune and physical problems. Which might point to that there is something going on in your gut. Thats what helped me a lot.

  • Cory1988


    Why do you say something might be going on in my gut? Weirdly enough I was 14 and was told I had peptic ulcers. My stomach almost always stays upset and about 7.5 or 8 years ago I took my very first sleeping medication and from that point on I have kept heart burn almost 85% of all my days..

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