my back hurts should i go home early should i try to talk to my mom should i watch netflix should i get high should i eat a nutella sandwhich what should i do right now. should i stay home and lay on the sofa should i go to bed early should i take a ho bath. what should i do when i get home?


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  • Jordan23


    Relax and take it easy u deserve it

  • Gwen71


    I would go to the pharmacy at your local drug store and buy some Epsom Salts. When you get home, run a warm( or hot) as you like it and add a half cup of Epsom Salts to your bath.Swirl the Epsom salts around the tub until they dissolve.It depends on how much your back hurts but an hour will help relax your back muscles.It helps me all the time.👍

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