Has anyone taken lamotrigine for BPD?



Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Coffeek


    I am currently on it for bipolar and bpd, had some side effects at first but veryy mild compared to others I’ve dealt with. I’m able to be a little more productive some days and feel stable longer in a day but my mood swings when they occur are still very strong along with impulses, so I haven’t felt any consistent change while being on the meds BUT it does still help me get through the day more easier than if I wasn’t on them at all I think. Everyone is different though and it is worth considering <3

  • Pry


    Yes and it definitely helped me!

  • Strawberry_Swisher


    I did for half a year and it did absolutely nothing for me. I think my body just doesn't react well with meds though

  • al_licks


    I thought there wasn’t medication specifically for BPD?

    • LLpk


      there isn’t since it isn’t neurological I believe learned patterns of behavior with symptoms like anxiety and depression etc.

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