I’m currently a senior in college and I feel like my medication isn’t working, what study habits do you have? I typically just read the book and notes I take, I haven’t done notecards since high school, but may be open to it again if it works for you

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • ToeKnee


    What are your hobbies, do you spend hours on your phone? What about idle time? It sounds weird but setting time aside to be bored or mediation to just to allow your mind to wonder and focus at the same time it doesn't need to be a spiritual journey in fact the the word mediate means to think or to ponder. The focus is to allow yourself to think about things giving your self a place to be creative. There's science to back this up. Being bored allows your brain to come up with ways to entertain itself. Take just a few minutes a day then multiple times a day it'll get easier. And if your medication isn't working yet be asking your doctor to up the dose. There's also a thint call "dopamine fasting" which doesn't mean how it sounds just means to avoid easy sources of pleasure.

  • kodigoldie


    I would use quizlet bc then it felt like a game and I had to win 😤

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