Hi everyone! New here and looking to hear if anyone had this experience with his/her sciatica pain.. I had pain in left leg for a year (herniated disc) and then a I had a epidural shot and right after got new pain of sciatica down my right leg. Been like that for a month!
Both legs are in pain..
Did this happen to anyone?

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  • Jackstoneridge


    I deal with the pain. Shots didn't work for me. Hopefully they figure out a solution for you.

  • Ellie_g


    Had two shots in 6 months didn’t help at all! I feel worse now. Not taking any medication using weed and heat to calm down the pain. How are dealing with the pain?

  • Jackstoneridge


    Pretty much the same way. The other thing I do that somewhat helps is stretching my back and legs

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